Size: Custom cabinetry is designed and made specifically for you, and optimizes even the smallest areas by extending cabinets to walls and ceilings, creating desired proportions. Unlike with preset stock sizes, a custom-built cabinet is precise in its measurements of width, depth and height, to within an eighth of an inch, eliminating unnecessary fillers and wasted space.

Design: With custom cabinetry, it’s all about specializing to fit your needs. Unlike with stock cabinets, custom allows you to completely design your cabinet door with any color of your choice, including custom color matches. There’s a greater selection of wood species, such as Rift Cut White Oak, Mahogany and Walnut.  Different sheen levels are available to choose from, like flat, semi and gloss, as well as customized interior accessories. With custom, you have the ability to design longer moldings and extra tall cabinetry, as well as align panels, cabinets and integrate appliances for a clean, built-in look.

Choice: Choosing custom cabinetry means having minimal limitations. Custom-built cabinetry frees you from predetermined construction standards, allowing you to choose where you want to invest. Whether it’s choosing from a range of creative door styles and finishes, to higher grades of plywood, drawer glides and hinges, to flush, finished ends, choice is custom cabinetry’s most valuable feature.

Quality: Unlike prefabricated stock parts, custom items are all manufactured at the same time, allowing for greater consistency and quality. Finish is applied to custom cabinetry by skilled craftsmen instead of machines and comes straight from the shop to your door, meaning less chance of shipping damages and delayed installation.


Alliance was established in the heart of Lancaster County Pennsylvania in 1983 under the name Kitchen Craft and is now led by a fresh, new leadership team with over 56 years of combined experience in custom cabinetry. With a renewed energy and desire to work with you on your next custom project, we at Alliance look forward to building mutually beneficial outcomes that align with you and your values.

With Alliance you can expect fully customizable cabinet construction at manufacturer direct pricing, as well as a full showroom and sales staff with all levels of support for design, estimating, measuring and installation. Alliance provides greater choice in the design process and communicates an accurate build schedule. We are proud to offer small shop flexibility with large shop efficiencies, including Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) parts cutting quality and an expert, human review of each order before manufacturing begins. It’s this intentional blend of new technology and old-world, Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmanship that makes Alliance the best choice for your custom cabinetry needs. Partner with Alliance today to make your custom cabinetry dreams a reality.