Alliance Custom Cabinetry, formerly Kitchen Craft, was first established in 1983 by Jay Zimmerman. The business began as a one-man shop, run from the family farm, crafting custom cabinets and custom furniture. From the beginning, Kitchen Craft aimed to satisfy each client by providing unrivaled service and by producing quality cabinetry that is carefully inspected to meet stringent quality standards.

By 1996, the business had outgrown the family farm and Jay purchased the building Alliance currently uses to house his equipment and serve as his permanent shop location. The business continued to grow and Jay decided to specialize exclusively in custom cabinetry and stopped taking orders for custom furniture.

In 2014, Jay began to ponder the idea of selling the business. The following year, he hired John Drouillard to begin learning the operation and see if it was a good fit for him to purchase Kitchen Craft. Early on in 2016, John began the year-long process to acquire Kitchen Craft from Jay.

By the end of January, 2017, the transaction was complete. John’s first order of business was to bring on key individuals to round out his leadership team. Dustin Landis joined as Vice-President of Manufacturing, and Greg Petersheim joined as Vice-President of Sales.

Together, John, Dustin, & Greg began to dream about what they wanted the company to be and where they wanted to go. During this process, a name change seemed to be in order to better reflect their vision. Thus, in June of 2017, Kitchen Craft was renamed Alliance Custom Cabinetry. By definition, an alliance is a relationship between partners that is formed to benefit the community and strengthen each partner. This is the goal of Alliance - for all partnerships to be mutually beneficial.

Today, Alliance Custom Cabinetry employs skilled craftsmen, a sales staff, a rainmaker, and an experienced leadership team. Though the company has grown and changed in many ways, Alliance still maintains the quality that first sparked interest in our cabinetry and fine woodworking throughout Lancaster County and beyond. Whether we're working with architects, designers, builders or homeowners, customer satisfaction remains our highest priority.

Alliance is blessed and grateful for the foundation that Jay Zimmerman first established with Kitchen Craft. We honor him as we continue to build upon that foundation.